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Location: Sihlangu
35 years old

About me
Well, it's a Tuesday evening and weather is amazing. After a long day of work, I have this urge to spend the evening with someone new and interesting. I've never attempted this CL thing before, but I figured, what the hell, on the off chance that someone normal actually reads this, I might be enjoy a nice conversation.

A little about me - I've lived in the village for about 4 years now, and in NYC for a little over 6. I enjoy the city life, for now atleast, but I am in love with the great outdoors, everything from camping to fishing to hiking to kayaking, it's all exciting to me, and every chance I get I like to get away from the city and experience some place new. Having grown up in a rural area, it's what I'm familiar with and ultimately where I plan to end up after my NYC experience ends. Here in the city, however, I'm a fairly successful entrepreneur (out of pure luck), having, with the help of some friends, started a few successful companies. I enjoy trying out all of the amazing restaurants NY has to offer and on occasion partake in the nightlife as well (although I'm definitely more of a homebody). I like play many intramural sports in the city (soccer, football, dodgeball, etc) and enjoy spending as much time along the water on the west side as I can. I like to cook, but given my busy work schedule, am limited in my opportunities.

If you're in a similar situation tonight and are up for something new and exciting or just some pleasant, down to earth conversation, send me a note, maybe even suggest your ideal NYC date night if you're so inclined. I'm not super keen on posting my pic for the world to see, but if you email me yours, I'll happily respond with my own - I swear I'm am very normal, sweet guy. Hope to hear from someone equally sweet and open for a fun evening. Thanks for reading!


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